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Marks and advantages of Imprese products

5 yearswarranty

Trade mark

Trade mark of the producer Imprese.

5 years warranty


The mark means certification of a cartridge for a faucet. It is placed on all types of package if a set includes a faucet.

symbol cartridge size

Producers association

The mark means that Imprese is a member of the producers association on the territory of Czech Republic.

symbol certifikat

5 year manufacturer's warranty

The mark is applied only for products group “Faucets”, or for products group which is produced using technology of hard chromium plating.

symbol naci tested

«Sedal» cartridge

The sign means the presence of Spanish manufacturer's "Sedal" A class cartridge.

symbol chrom technology

Economy of water

The sign means that the product is made using technologies that save water consumption - a thermostat, an aerator, etc.

symbol imprese sro

Hard chromium plating

The sign means that for the coating of the product has been applied with the technology of hard chromium. This technology is applied only to products made of metal.

symbol sanitarni

Installation without tools

The sign means that the product does not require tools and consumables during installation.

symbol vody

Protection against distortion

The sign means that the hose is made using anti-twist technology, which prevents the hose from twisting when used due to the special design of the connection to the hand shower.

symbol innovative

Easy clean

The sign means easy descaling due to to rubber inserts on the Overhead shower and a hand shower.

symbol association

Adjustable tilt angle of the upper shower

The sign means that due to the mounting with a hinge, it is possible to adjust the angle of inclination of the watering can of the upper shower.

symbol vody


The sign means that the thermostatic mixer is equipped with a technology that makes using it safe and comfortable as possible.

symbol innovative

3 spray types of hand shower

The sign means that the hand shower has 3 operating modes.

symbol association

5 spray types of hand shower

The sign means that the hand shower has 5 operating modes.

symbol vody

Retractable spout

The sign means that the kitchen faucet has a retractable spout.


“A” class cartridges of Spanish manufacturer “Sedal”

cartridges of Spanish manufacturer “Sedal”

Body of the cartridge is made of high quality thermoplastic material (polyamide which is reinforced for 30% by fiberglass). This material has long service life, is allowed to use in contact with drinking water.

Inside the cartridge there are two ceramic disks which secure the process of water mixing. One disk which is connected with lever – is static, the other disk, depending on handle position (hot, warm, cold), switches to certain position. There is connecting grease between the disks; the disks are thoroughly polished so that no gap would appear at connection. Distance between two disks is less than 1 water molecule.

Due to porous structure surface of disks remains greased for a long time. It secures easy and smooth handle moving and also prolongs service life of the faucet.


The advantages of «Sedal» cartridge: »:

  • Perfectly mixes hot and cold water in the right proportions
  • Resists pressure and a drop in water temperature (maximum temperature: 90 ° C)
  • Resistant to vapors and acids
  • Quiet operation: noise level is between 17 and 19 decibel which corresponds to “A” class
  • Guaranteed cartridge operation – not less than 70 000 opening-closing cycles
  • Microorganisms do not accumulate on the surface

“Secret ideas”

secret idea 1

Due to the strong flow of water, you can easily wash dirty paws of you dog. The button on the handle allows you to conveniently turn on and off the water.

Products using this technology: hygiene showers

secret idea 2

Easy installation without tools due to nut with a plastic nozzle. Installation does not require additional washers and seals.

Products using this technology: some kitchen mixers, some sink mixers.

secret idea 3

Mixers with a movable aerator - you can change the angle of inclination. A key to replace the aerator is included.

Products using this technology: Vyskov mixers.

secret idea 4

Easy to connect with unique connector. Two channels (for tap and filtered water) on one spout give the opportunity to save space.

Products using this technology: kitchen faucets Daicy-U, Daicy-F.

secret idea 5

Mixer with holder and water inlet for a hygienic shower saves space. No need to install additional equipment.

secret idea 6

Protection against a scum due to the Neoperl aerator (Germany). Neoperl aerators with a plastic mesh are not exposed to corrosion and protect against limescale. The stream of water is even, not sprayed.

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