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Imprese S.R.O.

About company

Taste of life in simplicity of shapes

Czech company-producer of sanitary ware “Imprese S.R.O.” was initially established as enterprise which produced components (faucet bodies) for European producers. In the course of time, using accumulated experience the company started to produce goods under its own trade mark.

Yet developed own capacity utilization as well as close collaboration with European producers of components (cartridges, aerators) became the basis of production. Simplicity of shapes together with handy and stylish design is the essence of products conception. That is why products of the company look excellent in interior of any bathroom.

All the faucets “IMPRESE” are products entirely made of brass alloy of mark C85700, content of copper is not less than 59% (on average – 61%) with chromium-nickel plating. Method of electrochemical galvanization is applied in order to add beautiful mirror-bright effect.

Preparation of faucet components for chromium plating is important phase which affects the quality chromed coating. That is why production capacity of “Imprese S.R.O.” is equipped with modern automated equipment for grinding and polishing brass components of faucets. Nickel plating with thickness of 10 µm prepares the surface of product for ideal chromium plating with thickness of 0,3 µm and secures not only mirror shine of the completed faucet but also protection from corrosion. Testing of plating resistance by using standardized testing method for corrosion resistibility definition of protecting coatings (so called “Salt fog”) shows: plating of “Imprese” faucets sustains 24 hours of testing in ASST (acid-salt chamber) or 200 hours in NSS (neutral-salt fog, test was conducted using 5% NaCl solution), at the same time the product does not change its quality characteristics. Manufacturer «Imprese S.R.O.» guarantees permanent quality of chromium plating which does not lose original shine and does not tarnish during 5 year exploitation.

As components for its products company «Imprese S.R.O.» has chosen class A cartridges of Spanish manufacturer “Sedal” which have international certificate ISO9001. Diameter of used cartridges - 25, 35 і 40 mm. The manufacturer guarantees 5 years of continuous operation and precise pressure and temperature control at high and low pressure.

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