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Questions to the expert

Single-lever and two-valve faucets Imprese

  • How many types of standard cartridges for single-lever faucets are used by Imprese company? +

    3 types: 26 mm, 35 mm, 40 mm

  • What material ceramic disks of single-lever faucets cartridges and disk headworks of two-valve Imprese faucets are made of? +

    Of highly rigid ceramics derived from conglomeration of aluminum oxide at temperature 1500C and pressure 1000 atmospheres

  • How do ceramic disks of a cartridge of single-lever faucet work? +

    Slide one along the other opening and closing inlets of hot, cold and mixed water.

  • What working pressure of water is required for a single-lever faucet? +

    0,1-0,5 MPa

  • What provides smooth running of ceramic cartridges in single-lever faucets Imprese? +

    Thorough grinding + specialized lubricating oil

  • How does switcher bathtub-shower function in Imprese faucets? +

    While switching water stream to shower mode the switcher has possibility of fixation in such position, that gives advantages over automatic change-over switchers in moments of wrong pressure in running water.

  • What types of disk headworks for two-valve faucets are used by Imprese company? +

    Disk headworks can be:
    with turning angle 180 or 90
    with carving diameter 1/2 or 3/4
    with ceramic disks

  • Which methods of plating are used in process of Imprese faucets production? +

    1. Electrochemical galvanization

    2. Physical method of atoms settlement on surface

  • What materials are used for production of faucet bodies? +

    A faucet body is cast of brass alloy of mark C85700, content of copper is not less than 59%, it is ground and polished. The faucet body is nickel-plated (the layer of nickel is 10 µm) and chromium-plated (thickness of chrome is 0,3 µm) in electroplating shop. Faucet lever is made of zinc, is coated by a layer of copper (20 µm), then by nickel (20 µm) and chrome (0,3 µm).

  • What does a set of a wall faucet Imprese include? +

    All wall faucets include flexible pipe connection which is 35cm long, its diameter of connection to water supply is ½ inches – such diameter of water pipe for welfare facilities is the most popular in CIS countries. Also a set of some series includes an instrument which favours quick installation of faucet.

  • What does the manufacturer recommend before faucet installation? +

    To clean the system of water supply and install filters.

  • What are recommendations regarding faucet exploitation in case of low water quality? +

    Low water quality may lead to aerator clogging. In that case it is needed to unscrew and clean it

  • What are the features of flexible pipe connection which is added to Imprese faucets? +

    Pipe connection for models of wall faucet Imprese has inner hose, made of nontoxic raw rubber, and outer covering made of braided steel wire. Adapter sleeve and screw nut are made of brass.

  • Aerators of what system are used in Imprese faucets? +

    Imprese mixers use aerators of the famous brand Neoperl (Germany) - the largest supplier of aerators for European manufacturers of mixers.

  • What advantages do faucets with plating Satinox have? +

    1. The plating is more resistant to abrasive agents.

    2. Lime contamination does not appear on the surface.

    3. A faucet for kitchen with such plating looks good together with steel kitchen sink.

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Shower systems / shower programme Imprese

  • How many streams do hand showers Imprese create? +

    From one to six types of streams:
    1. Rain 2. Massage 3. Aeration 4. Rain + massage 5. Rain + aeration 6. Fog

  • How does shower stream “Massage” form? +

    Water gets to chamber which has plastic ball inside. Under water pressure, one after another, the ball closes one of several outlets of the hand shower creating pulsing stream.

  • How does shower stream “Aeration” form? +

    Water mixes with air, foams and runs out from hand shower through big outlets.

  • What features do hand showers Imprese have? +

    1. Handy ergonomic design. 2. Multifunctional performance. 3. Silicon jets which cause quick removal of lime impurities. 4. Inlet shower filter which prevents inner impurities. 5. Built-in eco-valve at the inlet of hand shower which favours 50% water economy even at high pressure in water supply

  • What are possible options of installation of Imprese wall shower systems? +

    Imprese shower systems can be installed on the wall as well as by option of hidden installation

  • Hoses of which sizes does Imprese produce? +

    1.2 m, 1.5 m, 1.6 m, 1.7 m, 2.0 m.

  • What types of hoses (by material) are present in range of Imprese faucets? +

    1. Metal 2. Polymer

  • What are the features of Imprese shower hoses? +

    1. Brass finishings. 2. High-quality molding. 3. Screw nuts – brass + chrome. 4. Rubber ring for secure fixation of hand shower. 5. Models of series 12 have possibility of additional size enlargement, fixation of a hand shower in a holder. 6. Models of series 12 have possibility of additional size enlargement by stretching up to 20% of general size, which extends the functionality. 7. Polymer models have three-layer structure reinforced by synthetic fibers (from 9 to 22 fibers depending on the model), which is much more than in similar products of other manufacturers. 8. System Anti-twist (in some models) – thrust-bearing, which is located in the screwed body, prevents twisting and wringing.

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